Bayshore Townhomes
Clearwater, Florida
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    Bayshore Townhomes is an upscale community located on the eastern coast of the Pinellas County peninsula.
For fire or medical  emergencies call 911

For HOA emergencies call:

24 Hours a day
7 Days a week

     HOA Emergencies are those situations that could cause damage to areas that are the responsibility of the Homeowner's Association. (examples are pool, water leaks, fire alarm and building sprinkler systems).

      Non-emergency HOA calls are answered at this number
8:30am - 5pm, M-F

Management Company

Board of Directors

        For most people in the United States, "Sea Level" is an imaginary plane several hundred feet below the surface of the ground.   For many residents of Bayshore Townhouses, "Sea Level" is just a pleasant drive to work!

     Bayshore Townhomes is in the lower left corner of the picture above.  Click anywhere on the picture to see an aerial view with the names of the streets.

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